A Beginner's Guide to Japan
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Goodreads Rating: 3.77

Condition: New

Author: Pico Iyer

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing LLC

Year of Publication: 2020

ISBN13: 9781526611512

Publisher's Description:


How does a sushi bar explain a Japanese poem?

Why do Japanese couples plan matching outfits for their honeymoon?

Why are so many things in Japan the opposite of what we expect?

After thirty-two years in Japan, Pico Iyer knows the country as few others can. In A Beginner's Guide to Japan, he dashes from baseball games to love-hotels and from shopping malls to zen temple gardens to find fresh ways of illuminating his adopted home.


Playful and surreptitiously profound, this is a guidebook to a Japan few have ever seen before.

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Condition: New

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