A new life experience every time your pick a new travel book

Travelling is a great way to learn new things, meeting new people and broaden your life experience. When you travel, you voluntarily assign yourself to new surroundings which are unfamiliar to you, making your senses sharper and force you to live outside of your comfort zone.

But, the fact  is,  travelling  will cost your money and expenses. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time because of work. You find it hard to spend a substantial amount of your earnings for travelling expenses. You envy the life experiences and challenges of those who travel to their desired destination.

You can pick up a travel book, be it a memoir, travel writings, guide, a fiction or many more types of travel literature to compensate for your inability to physically travel. Immerse yourself in other travelers experience and allow your mind and soul to  transcend borders for a whole new life experience.