Chronicle of a Death Foretold
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Goodreads Rating: 3.97

Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.

Year of Publication: 2011

ISBN10: 0141032464

ISBN13: 9780141032467

Publisher's Description:

When newlyweds Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Román are left to their wedding night, Bayardo discovers that his new wife is no virgin. Disgusted, he returns Angela to her family home that very night, where her humiliated mother beats her savagely and her two brothers demand to know her violator, whom she names as Santiago Nasar.

As he wakes to thoughts of the previous night's revelry, Santiago is unaware of the slurs that have been cast against him. But with Angela's brothers set on avenging their family honour, soon the whole town knows who they plan to kill, where, when and why. 

Santiago Nasar is brutally murdered in a small town by two brothers. All the townspeople knew it was going to happen - including the victim. But nobody did anything to prevent the killing.

Twenty seven years later, a man arrives in town to try and piece together the truth from the contradictory testimonies of the townsfolk.

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 Paperback | 128 pages

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