City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
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Author: William Dalrymple

Publisher: Bloomsbury 

Year of Publications: 2017


Goodreds Ratings: 4.10

Publisher's Description:

Delhi is a city like no other, one which, in spite of being as old as time, is culturally dominated by relatively new dwellers. Interspersed with accounts of meeting assorted Delhiwallahs including Sufis, eunuchs, Persian scholars and an Englishwoman who stays behind after the Raj's hasty exit, City of Djinns seeks out the essence of this ancient town in a travelogue like no other. Moving, profoundly insightful and compulsively readable, City of Djinns is a loving exploration by one of the great historians of our time of the city he choses to call home.

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Format: Paperback | 360 pages