The Motorcycle Diaries - Before he tried to change the world, he had seen it first!

Before becoming Che Guevara the Marxist revolutionary and today’s symbol of anti-capitalism, Che was Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, an ordinary young man from an upper-middle-class family in Argentina.

This book recounts the nine months journey across Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia by the then 23-year old medical student Ernesto, and his doctor friend, Alberto Granada.

After losing their motorbike, we see the two took to doing odd jobs, and even scamming people just so that they can continue the journey. We also see their candid reflections and frustrations when faced with the realities of poverty, and the unjust exploitation of those already destitute.

I think in itself, The Motorcycle Diaries as a travelogue of a journey across South America, is both entertaining and historically informative of the time and era. But you may perhaps appreciate it more as a chronicle of the formative journey pivotal in the making of Che Guevara.